(mostly "Grammies-style" thank-yous)

June 1, 2016

Let me be clear: There were simply not enough people buying enough books from Book Zoo at this location. This is the main reason we cannot stay. Wrong time? Wrong place? Wrong books?

With that said, there are a lot of thanks to go around...

First, thanks to all our fans and hanger-arounders. I'm glad you liked having us in your circuit. We, too, for the most part, enjoyed your visits. Every last one of you played a part, however long-winded or insufferable. You all added "character" to the bookshop, which is essential to the mix.

Thanks, too, to all the musicians, writers, artists, poets, and other creative types that performed, spread the word, brought crowds, and improved the vibe; in almost all cases for FREE or for a hatful of chump change. The importance of the public event component of Book Zoo's ongoing history cannot be overestimated.

Thanks to most people who sold, traded, or donated books. A flow of new arrivals is critical to what we do. Donations were often crappy, but I think you usually meant well, or just needed to dump books.

Thanks to everyone who was nice to my beautiful, smart, funny, kind, strong, generous, and creative daughters (Ramona and Roxanne); who chatted with, played with, gave them stuff, or read to them.

Too many names to mention, but massive appreciation goes out to every Book Zoo staffer, volunteer, intern, money- loaner, and the like. Having survived the "Tyranny of the Zookeeper" is no small thing.

The BIGGEST THANKS goes to those of you who consummated the Book Zoo experience by BUYING BOOKS. Hats off to those of you who actually BOUGHT BOOKS regularly.

Finally thanks to my immediate family and friends and the books themselves for being so awesome!

Erik Lyngen

P.S. We are not currently looking for another retail storefront, but instead will be fundraising for a BookZoomobile (some sort of book truck) for street fairs, festivals, and so on. Check our website for more info and updates.

P.P.S. Erik is available for formal (paid) book appraisals for tax, probate, and insurance needs; and less formal (but still paid!) book consulting, including collection development, and valuations. Use the contact information below.

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